TSS/FSS for FCCUs for very high reduction of catalyst fines

Advanced Third and Fourth Stage Separators for FCCUs


World leader in air pollution control systems for refinery solutions, DuPont Clean technologies has worked on over 200 refinery pollution control projects of which more than 150 are for Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU) applications. To support our customers, we have sought a solution for reliable and highly efficient reduction of particulate emissions from FCCU flue gas and have established a partnership with Shell Global Solutions to provide the company’s Third Stage Separator (TSS) and Fourth Stage Separator (FSS) technology.  We reduce fine particulate stack emissions to below 50 mg/Nm3. 

improving stack quality and reduce fine particulate emissions



Licensed from Shell Global Solutions, TSS/FSS systems are used to accomplish very high reductions of catalyst fines emissions from FCCU flue gas. The TSS/FSS is applied at high temperatures and high pressures, and can be designed for Turbo Expander protection and/or environmental control. These TSS systems have a track record of over 60 applications (over 15 provided by DuPont) which meet < 50 mg/Nm3 limit at hot (up to 815°C/1500°F) conditions and consistently attain a 2 micron separation cutpoint (d50). This enables separation of virtually all erosive particles and hence protects the power recovery expander. This TSS/FSS technology outperforms any other technology that exceeds a 2.5 micron cutpoint. The system is fully contained in a single vessel of proven mechanically sturdy construction. 

For projects where FCCU particulate emissions and simultaneous control of SOx and/or NOx  are required, DuPont Clean Technologies provides the leading TSS and FSS system on a material supply basis in conjunction with the BELCO® wet scrubbing system

You can now benefit from the many years of DuPont Clean Technologies in specialized emissions control systems. Adopters of the TSS technology include Saudi Aramco, Neste Oil, Total, Reliance Industries, Engen Oil, KNPC, CITGO, Suncor, CPC, and IOCL. We would be happy to upgrade your existing TSS unit with cutting edge TSS or FSS technology. 

Benefits of TSS/FSS for FCCU's:

  • Control particulate emissions to below 50 mg/Nm3 at a fraction of the cost of an Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) 
  • Protects downstream equipment such as Selective Catalytic Reformer (SCR), boiler, wet scrubber 
  • High reliability and availability 
  • Constant separation efficiency 
  • Cold wall construction vessel 
  • Robust mechanical construction, lifespan > 25 Years 
  • Easy accessibility for inspection 
  • No diplegs, hence no risk of plugging 
  • Small footprint and compact design 
  • Trouble-free operation 
  • Proven track record 
Benefits of TSS/FSS for FCCU's:

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