|||DuPont Clean Technologies Solutions for Emissions Reductions from the Iron and Steel industries

DuPont Clean Technologies Solutions for Emissions Reductions from the Iron and Steel industries

DuPont Clean Technologies Solutions for Emissions reductions from the Iron and Steel industries

The sintering plant processes fine grain raw material into coarse grained iron ore sinter for charging the blast furnace. To begin with, meticulously prepared mixtures are created consisting of fine ore, concentrates, and rejects arising from screening lumpy burden components at the blast furnace. Ferriferous fine grain discharges from the production chain of the entire steel works are also put into the mixture. By igniting suitable fuel, iron ore sinter is produced. Typically, coke breeze from screening lump coke at the blast furnace or coal are used as fuel. Iron ore coal and coke contain sulfur which produces SO2 during the sintering process.

MECS® DynaWave® Wet Gas Scrubber

Emission Reduction in the Sintering Process

The Sintering emission reduction application poses the following challenges:

  • High inlet SO2
  • Presence of Iron Oxide particulate
  • Plugging and abrasion due to particulate
  • Wide range of gas flows

MECS® DynaWave® Wet Gas Scrubber advantages

The MECS® DynaWave® wet gas scrubber offers the following advantages in the Iron Sintering application:

  • Robust, simple system with minimum controls
  • SO2 removal, particulate collection, and sulfite oxidation in one vessel
  • Slurry design to eliminate plugging and wear due to particulate
  • DynaWave® full bore nozzle eliminates nozzle plugging and wear due to particulate
  • High turndown to handle wide range of gas flows
  • Ability to handle high SO2 inlet loading and meet stringent environmental standards
  • Use of low-cost lime as reagent
  • Minimal or no liquid effluent


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