MECS® VECTORWALL™ Furnace Baffles

VectorWall™ Furnace Baffles

MECS® VectorWall™ Mixing Systems for Sulfuric Acid Plant Reaction Furnaces


The MECS® VectorWall™ Reaction Furnace Mixing System is a versatile, mechanically stable system that is designed to offer optimal mixing solutions resulting in lower pressure drop and higher process throughput. It consists of a series of stackable six-sided blocks incorporating alternating tabs and slots on each side that are designed to ensure the blocks are positively locked together at installation. The MECS® VectorWallTM is supplied in a highly creep resistant mullite bonded composition designed to resist deformation under load.

MECS® VectorWall™ is stronger, more precise, and uses far fewer parts than standard 9” brick and refractory mortar baffles, for a faster, more secure installation. Rapid disassembly and reassembly of the mixing system can easily be achieved for major maintenance turnarounds. Spanning the entire inside diameter of the burner or furnace, MECS® VectorWall™ becomes structurally integrated.

Features and Benefits:

  • Large hexagonal ceramic blocks are inherently stable
  • Design ensures that all blocks are fully supported
  • Tongue and groove interlocking joints can withstand thermal expansion
  • Structural stability even in upset conditions
  • No mortar required results in easy, fast installation
  • Virtually any baffle configuration may be accommodated
  • May be removed and re-used for maintenance
  • Successful track record in severe service applications with no failures
Features and Benefits:

Engineered Mixing Solutions for Lower Pressure Drop and Higher Process Throughout

The MECS® VectorWall™ replaces and significantly improves upon traditional, weak, unsupported refractory brick baffle walls with what is usually a smaller overall number of walls that perform the same function more efficiently in a shorter distance. Advantages of the MECS® VectorWall™ include lower pressure drop, increased process throughput and lower total installed cost.  A virtually unlimited number of mixing configurations are available.

The MECS® VectorWallTM Reaction Furnace Mixing System for sulfuric acid plants is widely used around the world including by the Zhejiang Petroleum and Chemical Co. (ZPC) in China.

View the MECS® VectorWall™ brochure and read about the development of the furnace mixing system and advance furnace designs for sulfuric acid plant.

Engineered Mixing Solutions for Lower Pressure Drop and Higher Process Throughout

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