MECS® HexPro™ Ferrules

HexPro™ Ferrules

Precast, Precision Ceramic Ferrules for Severe Temperature and Heat-Cycling Conditions


With temperatures in sulfuric acid plants occasionally reaching 3000 °C or more because of inadequate combustion control and burning residual sulfur, the heat and heat-cycling conditions in sulfuric acid plants can be extremely severe. To provide outstanding protection for waste heat boilers and heat exchangers against corrosion through hot gas and erosion from abrasive particles in sulfuric acid plants, we offer precast, precision ceramic MECS® HexPro™  Ferrules.



Fast, Simple Installation

MECS® HexPro™ Ferrules are pre-engineered for each installation and come properly sized, accurately molded, and completely wrapped with all required fiber insulation.  Installation is as simple as taking them out of the box and slipping them into the boiler tubes. No castable refractory is used between the MECS® HexPro™ Ferrules, and only the most minimal amount is required around the periphery. Operators can save days on turnaround without the need to painstakingly install, and then cure out, large expanses of castable refractory.

Consistent Properties

MECS® HexPro™ Ferrules are fired under controlled conditions in a plant environment, resulting in consistent, predictable properties rather than one that requires the extensive use of castable refractory and field curing. MECS® HexPro™ Ferrules are not subject to the vagaries of weather, installation expertise, and time constraints.

Operational Advantages

Thermal Management System (TMS) is a pre-fired tubesheet protection system that allows for the extensive use of fiber insulation in conjunction with the MECS® HexPro™ Ferrules. In a greatly compressed area, TMS provides much better insulating value while saving space and refractory when compared to castable alone. 

Improved Performance

Large expanses of castable refractory undergo tremendous thermal and mechanical stresses as they heat up and cool down and that generates cracking in the castable refractory. Tubesheet protection systems consisting of precast MECS® HexPro™ Ferrules perform as though they have built-in expansion joints, which they do, limiting any damage due to these stresses to a confined area.

Reduced Pressure Drop

MECS® HexPro™ Ferrules are available with a wide range of tapered inlet and outlet profiles and, in addition to reducing the refractory mass in the furnace, have been shown to reduce pressure drop over a conventional round ferrule and castable installation.


  • Wide range of high alumina compositions available – offer exceptional resistance to corrosion and erosion
  • Superior thermal shock resistance
  • Typical fired dimensional tolerances of +/- 0.5% for exacting field fit-up
  • High reliability - generous radius under the ferrule head minimizes stress concentrations
  • Thermal Management System (TMS) helps protect the tube sheet from excessive heat
  • Recessed groove around the ferrule head maintains space for ceramic fiber wrap allowing for a hard, tight, hot face
  • Achieve more process throughput or lower energy costs
  • Higher performance and lower cost over time in heat cycling conditions
  • Precast MECS® HexPro™ Ferrules can be quickly removed for periodic tubesheet inspection or maintenance, some or all may be reused, lowering cost

For further details, view the MECS® HexPro™ Ferrules brochure or contact us