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Sulfuric Acid Plant Process Critical Equipment Design and Supply


Over the last century, DuPont Clean Technologies has been providing sulfuric acid plants with process critical integrated and comprehensive solutions, engineered to last for the lifetime of the plant. These range from engineering design, to operating licenses, process guarantees, key equipment and catalysts  to training and start up services for sulfuric acidfertilizer and chemical  facilities

MECS® Process technologies for pollution control and operations efficiency



Hexpro™ Ferrules
Hexpro™ Ferrules
MECS® HexPro™ precast, precision ceramic ferrules for severe temperature and heat-cycling conditions to protect waste heat boilers and heat exchangers
MECS® VectorWall Furnace Baffles
MECS® VectorWall Furnace Baffles
The MECS® VectorWall™ Furnace Baffles for sulfuric acid plant sulfur burners and spent acid recovery furnaces offer superior mixing systems.
MECS® Process Gas Valves
MECS® Process Gas Valves
MECS® Process Gas Valves for Sulfuric Acid Plants offer long-term, reliable service, high corrosion resistance and easy maintenance for efficient operations.
Gas-to-Gas Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
Gas-to-Gas Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
Custom engineered with leading plate technology, MECS® gas-gas heat exchangers are designed for efficient heat recovery from energy consuming processes.

MECS® technologies are designed and custom-built to address each production site’s specific needs and are focused on achieving world-class low emissions, high reliability while reducing capital, operating and maintenance expenditure, as well as increased capacity. Our experts have the experience and capability to design, fabricate, and deliver high quality, process critical sulfuric acid equipment all around the world. 


DuPont to Supply MECS® Technology and Critical Equipment for Codelco’s Two New Sulfuric Acid Plants in the Chuquicamata Copper Smelter Complex in the Antofagasta region of northern Chile

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DuPont to Supply MECS® Technology covers licensing, engineering services and proprietary equipment. The new sulfur-burning sulfuric acid plant will have a capacity of 2100 tpd, and will use the MECS® Heat Recovery System (HRS™)

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Decades of experience designing, operating and maintaining acid plants is engineered and built into each piece of process critical equipment:

Process-critical equipment design, supply and repair

  • Proprietary equipment supply and repair  
  • Specialized instrumentation and analyzers  
  • Alloy valves and acid gas damper valves  
  • Steaming equipment and boiler ferrules  
  • Plate heat exchangers  
  • Burners and burner management systems (BMS)  
  • Specialized pumps, hoses, expansion joints, bellows, and tower internals 

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